London to Bangkok (part 1)

Why not start with my first experience of 2018.

A trip to Thailand with the wife and days earlier I was having stomach cramps about the thought of the toilet conditions for the next 10 days.

How did I put my mind at ease? By visiting the nicest airport toilets in the history of UK airports – BLOC Hotel, Gatwick South Terminal!

Now I don’t know what happened here but I’d guess that the airport authority said to BLOC Hotels – “if you want to open a hotel inside our terminal you better fix all the toilets in this place”…and so they did.

Most of my blogs will be about doing a number 2. That’s where the real experience is. But on this case I walked past the urinals which had individual/personal sinks and hand dryers. That’s not been seen as an add on to public urinals ever!

I went into the cubicle and its small black marble effect tiles had me comfortably pooing within seconds. The below image is not from Gatwick South Terminal Toilets…but it’s how they made me feel!

Rating: Gatwick Airport South Terminal – 5 Star


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