London to Bangkok (part 2)

Bangkok is a great place if you’re able to take it in. But as with many Asian countries you will either find 7 star luxury services or absolute through the floor crap.

For some strange reason, even when we spend 10 hours on a plane, with toilets, we feel the need to use the toilet in baggage hall.

With my daily toilet routine out the window, my body reacting to altitude and the standard microwaved aeroplane food, I was ready to go again even before we got through passport control.

I wasn’t expecting BLOC hotel standard, but I didn’t expect the smell to reach me before I even got into these toilets.

Funnily enough there was a airport cleaning services worker mopping the floor as I entered… but it still smelt like there was piss everywhere. And that it had been there for days! Was the cleaner dipping his mop into a bucket of piss? He must’ve been!

I’m not going to ruin the presentation of this blog by posting a horrible picture of a toilet but what I will say is don’t go if you don’t need to go. Toilet paper was scarce and already yet(!) Doors just about head height and floor was soaking wet.

But there was an explanation for the wet floor. The Bum Shower!!

My wife and I love to inform each other when we’ve visited a toilet and it had a tiny shower beside the toilet to wash your bum with. On this occasion I wasn’t smiling because I was scared to breath in the smells already in that cubicle and I wasn’t going to touch that shower with a barge pole, but yet again the bum shower wins – it still reminded me that I was in an Asian country where all of the hotels we’ve booked to stay in will have a friendly little bum shower for me 🙂 It took my mind off the smells and wet floor long enough for me to do my business and wipe.

Rating: Bangkok Airport – 2 Star

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